Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year ~ A New Herbal Journey

Welcome to the All Things Herbal Blog!  This year, my New Year's resolution was to start a blog as a companion to our website,

The start of a new year does have a way of giving us a kick in the pants, doesn't it?  It can give us a fresh start to begin a new project, drop an unwanted habit or the motivation to restart a tradition that fell by the wayside.  I'm no exception to this yearly desire.  I've been thinking about doing this for quite a while now.  The motivation for me came from our daughter, Colleen.  She's this wondrous blend of encouraging and demanding.  Home from school on Christmas break, she took the time to set up the backbone of this blog.  This morning, on her way out the door with friends, she told me that there better be a posting when she gets back!

Too, this year marks our fourteen year milestone in business for my husband David and I.  So, to honor the years of toil, sweat and tears (no blood, that I can remember!) as well as the many rewards and deep satisfaction of creating a meaningful business, let's begin this blogging journey together.

I'll share new ideas and products as I work on them and offer a glimpse into my life as a soapmaker.   This will also be the perfect place to share skin care recipes, post insider information about new products, specials, contests and let you know about the festivals we'll be attending.

Christine Kennedy

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