Friday, August 31, 2012

A Visitor To The Soap Workshop

Take a look at what surprised us in the workshop.
A turtle!
I had left the doors wide open while I was working.  The breeze was wonderful and I haven't had to worry about bugs these last few weeks of summer.  No one noticed him walk right in and start exploring.

But boy, did he surprise us!
Wondering what size he is?  Our daughter Colleen set down a bar of our herbal soap next to him. 

He's pretty tiny, isn't he?

And, the little guy looks just like a piece of bark.

I realized right away that, while small and seemingly harmless, this was a snapping turtle like the ones I used to see growing up near a lake connected to the mighty Mississippi River.

Look how he sticks out his neck!  Sure wouldn't want to pick him up after he has had some time to grow.  He might just snap onto our finger.

Time to bring him back to the water.

I was glad that we could help our neighbor return to his habitat.  I hope you are home, safe and sound, from all of your summer travels.  Enjoy these last few days of summer!

Christine Kennedy
simple ingredients, extraordinary benefits