Friday, February 24, 2012

Bird of Paradise

I have the most wonderful surprise!  Our Bird of Paradise is BLOOMING!  Take a look-

Last night, right at midnight, I discovered these blooms.  David was with me and he turned to me and said, "We better take a picture of it right now, it won't be here in the morning."  It really seemed that magical!

I've had this plant for a few years, ever since our son spent a summer working at the Treehouse, a local garden center.  One day after work, he arrived home with the back seat full of unwanted tropical plants.  Brian, knowing that I love all things green, and himself, wanting to bring along something exotic for his dorm room that fall, knew we could take on these plants.

And if I'm counting back correctly, it's been four years now.  Four long years of carefully and faithfully taking care of the Bird of Paradise and begging it to bloom.  All summer I hope and am on the look out for flowers.  I place it in full sunshine and made sure it has lots of water.  With our Minnesota summers as humid as they have been the past few years, I've thought for sure that I would be able to coax it into blooming.  But it never did.  Until today, in the middle of February.
This plant has been and still is in our basement.  Lots of other plants are down there too.  All sharing the light from the patio doors and waiting till spring and the warm weather when I'll bring them outside again.

My kids tease me about this forest of green.  But I just hate letting the plants go in the fall.  I like to bring them into the house and give them a chance to make it though the winter.  Most make it till spring, but not all. We're not down in the basement all that often and sometimes I forget to water things as often as I should.  Plus, we've closed off all the heat vents for the winter.

That's why I was so shocked to see these gorgeous blooms.  I could not have been more surprised.  But, isn't that just like life, when you least expect it, that is when something wonderful happens.  It's fantastic and magical and makes me so happy.
The only thing that could surprise me more is for our Banana Plant to produce fruit.  Maybe I'll go take a look.

Christine Kennedy
simple ingredients, extraordinary benefits

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Herbal Gifts that say I Love You - Valentine's Day 2012

It won't be long until Valentine's Day.  It's almost here!

For many years now, Valentine's Day has held an extra special meaning for me as it was the day our son was born!  Such a perfect expression of love.  I've always looked forward to planning something special for him and our family.  Here's a favorite photo from the past - I just couldn't resist that red velvet outfit! (but I will resist showing you the heart cake).

I still look forward to creating something special just to celebrate Valentine's Day! I get busy in the workshop and have fun with all the shades of pink and red (with some herbal green thrown in too), lots of ribbons, bows and specialty papers.  This year I tried to make it all about something sweet and romantic.
Our Valentine soaps ~ now available for a limited time!

With peppermint essential oil and dried mint leaves, Peppermint Kisses is an invigorating experience for your skin and your senses.  Treat a loved one to a Minty Kiss with this soap.  It's even wrapped with a XXOO ribbon!

From The Heart Soaps ~ These "pretty in pink" clay beauties have sweet notes of citrus, neroli, orchid, jasmine blended together with earthy amber and musk.

A wonderful Valentine scent, perfect for the tea or latte lover.  Vanilla Chai Herbal Soap is swirled it with cinnamon and spices, and the warm brown color comes from the vanilla. The extra cocoa butter in this bar is very moisturizing.

Something new this year - hearts inside of hearts.  First, I made a small pink heart.  Then, I made a second batch of soap and nestled the first heart inside of larger heart. A stunning blend of mimosa, florals, amber and vanilla.  Absolutely precious smelling!

I love this photo.  I took it outside a few weeks ago after a snowfall.  Those are fresh snowflakes in front of the Sweet Chocolate Bar!  If you love chocolate, you'll love this handmade soap. It's scrumptiously made with the irresistible richness of cocoa butter and chocolate.  All of the wow with none of the guilt!

Sweet Rose Buds features pink kaolin clay, flecks of rose hips and a comforting essential oil blend reminiscent of a rose garden.  This Valentine soap comes wrapped in a beautiful iridescent heart ribbon, all ready for gift giving.
Those are a few of my favorite handmade Valentine's Day gift ideas.  For more ideas, check out our Valentine's Day Gifts page on our website.

Since Valentine’s Day represents love, why not pamper your lover, best friend, son, daughter or favorite aunt with some pure herbal decadence?  The gift of handmade will be well enjoyed by the one you hold dear!
Christine Kennedy
simple ingredients, extraordinary benefits