Saturday, August 31, 2013

An Art Crawl

I’m in awe of the date on the calendar.  It's the very end of August and that means, ready or not, summer is coming to a close.  We've enjoyed being a part of many great art shows this summer and we are ending the season with something special, something we haven't participated in before - an Art Crawl.


Here's one of the signs along the way to our location, site #4. 
Arts off 84 has eight different sites, each filled with artists, that you can visit.  For more information about the vendors at each location and a map, check out their website:  

Along your drive, you'll pass pastoral scenes like this.  I took this picture along highway 84, just a few miles before our site.

This was us on Friday afternoon, setting up our tent together.

I have a few of the side pieces together.

Tables next!

Early Saturday morning and everyone is ready to go.

Today was a perfect day for an art crawl!  Do you have plans for the long weekend?  Have you been to an art crawl?  There is still time to catch this one.  We'll be there tomorow too, from 9 am- 5 pm, Sunday, September 1st.

Whatever your plans, have a great Labor Day weekend!

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