Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Reading and the Joy of Herbal Books

Reading in an Adirondack chair - now that's what I call summer!

Today I slipped outside and enjoyed rereading a few of my favorite herb books.  What a summer treat!  I not only felt rejuvenated being outside but inspired with some new ideas!

One of my all time favorites gems is this book by Melissa Placzek. Her charming books are filled with her watercolors and recipes for little indulgences plus, she's a Minnesotan.  I love the title too, as I often feel chin deep in bubbles!

Ahhhh….looking over recipes and planning for the hot days of summer.
Let's make gallons and gallons of iced tea with fresh mint leaves, lemons and honey.

Looking over the meaning of different of flowers, books on the Language of Flowers by Kate Greenaway and Pierre-Joseph Redoute.

And, I finished with Tasha Tudor.  Her books are classics and I think of them as comfort food for the soul, with their old fashioned simple beauty.

I hope you all enjoy some treasured time with books this summer.



  1. Hi Christine!

    I was just looking around online and found your sweet blog :) Thanks so much for the awesome book review! It made my day! Come on over to my facebook page and say hello sometime.

    Melissa Placzek

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